Why Does Your Restaurant Need Foodiplace?

20 Jun, 2021
Why Does Your Restaurant Need Foodiplace?

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a dramatic loss of human life worldwide and presents an unprecedented challenge to public health, food systems, and the world of work. It has highly impacted the food industries as the government closes down restaurants and bars to slow the spread of the virus. COVID-19 has forced businesses to find new and safer ways to interact with customers; Qr codes are the best and the most reliable for businesses to find new and safer ways to interact with customers.

Foodiplace is a contactless food ordering platform. It facilitates customers to scan QR codes in restaurants and order through fully customizable QR menus. Using the QR menu minimizes contact with reusable menus and can reduce interactions with servers. 

  • Easy Access of menu through QR codes 

QR stands for quick response. Its menus are faster and more reliable than the conventional paper-based menu -- especially at a time of the ongoing health crisis. Likewise, Foodiplace's QR menu helps restaurants function even during lockdown abiding by the health and safety protocols. No physical contact with ground staff means a significant reduction in the possibility of contaminated food. Contactless ordering and dining help break the COVID chain. Replacing a physical menu with a digital QR menu allows restaurants to customize the menu at no cost. Foodiplace gives you a Free menu app with full-branding of the establishment. 

  • Branding Opportunity

Foodiplace allows you to brand your restaurant. The menu is uploaded on the Foodiplace system, which is based on the brand color and information of the restaurant, and the logo is placed prominently on the menu. Our QR menu allows the restaurant to continue branding activities digitally, for no additional cost. The restaurants get a menu app that can be helpful in their branding activity. You can promote your special food items, change the prices, give details about the food and communicate every customer's personal choices.

  • No Commission on delivery 

Foodiplace also supports delivery with no commission. Contrary to the conventional logistics charge that companies take, foodiplace helps make restaurants more independent. Due to the covid pandemic, the staff members and waiters are at risk of unemployment. To a certain radius, restaurants can deliver their food using the waiter /service staff. It Keeps the wait staff active, frees restaurants from broker-app commissions, and can directly communicate with the customers.

  • Digitalization 

Digitization in any sector is trending and easy to use. It is the need for future operations. Foodiplace digitizes the food ordering and delivery process. Thus, Foodiplace's QR menu helps connect you to all the customers through social platforms. Foodiplace backend system feeds restaurants with their performance revealing what's working and areas for improvement. 

  •  Save money on printing costs

In many restaurants , the menu changes on a regular basis due to the hike of prices in  indirect  costs. The chief can introduce a new dish or you need to cut some of the dishes. It is very irrelevant to print a different menu .  When the menu is to be updated ,the print version of the menu costs money each time . With a QR code menu you can update your menu or When you run out of something in the kitchen it’s a hassle having to let customers know that a menu item is no longer available you can simply remove the item .  With a digital menu, you can update it as often as you like with no extra money included .

  • Better Menu design 

Foodiplace presents a digital menu that is built with a better user experience. You can highlight your specials to help them stand out from the rest. In a physical or a printed menu, space is limited. Space limit most often is the reason for fewer pictures of the food. An eye-catching picture -- such as the cheesiest pizza or juiciest burger will eventually catch their attention. With a digital menu, you can include as many images as you like in your menu.

  • Collect customer data 

Foodiplace QR code ordering process collects the customer data. The customers provide an email address or mobile phone number as part of their order, which you can capture in your system and use to market to them in the future, driving loyalty. Thus you can interact with customers and let them know about any new items or any offers.