Introducing Digital Table Ordering System in Nepal

13 Jun, 2021
Introducing Digital Table Ordering System in Nepal

Thanks to digital food vendors like Swiggy, and Zomato, India is gaining momentum in providing diners with an all-innovative digital dining experience. Foodies can walk around the countrys major cities to be greeted by cafes and restaurants displaying QR codes. Each unique code is the gateway to an innovative mobile-based digital menu. These menus provide service via a digital application that connects customers with an array of ordering, delivery, and/or dining features. Additionally, the customers can further share their experience with the food and establishment by reviewing the restaurant from the app.

Nepal is also embracing the concept of digital dining. With the advent of numerous online ordering, and delivery platforms like Foodmandu, Food Mario, and more, the Nepali netizens are gradually coming to terms with this idea. As a result, restaurants are gradually introducing the digital system. Furthermore, amid the second COVID-19 wave in Nepal, the food and beverage industry is looking for an alternative to running their businesses even in dire situations. An immediate solution would be to the existing digital platforms, but these apps lack completeness, especially while facilitating a complete digital experience.

Table Ordering System with Complete Digital Solutions!

A Table ordering system provides a contactless ordering solution for guests and staff. The process is easy and allows users to access the system through any smartphone. The contactless function further reduces the risk of COVID-19, keeping the restaurant, its staff, and customers safe from the probable transmission.

While it assures utmost floor hygiene, the table ordering system also eliminates the need for multiple service staff, allowing the management to delegate the workforce into productive roles. It also enables the restaurants to closely monitor their operations and the features they need to upgrade or improve to provide better customer service.

Table ordering system helps restaurants automate manual tasks while ensuring smooth operations. In Nepal, SAAS-based table ordering systems are scarce, and developing one from scratch can cause the operational expenses to hike. But, restaurants can count on Foodiplace, a new and emerging Nepali technology to provide all mentioned features at a reasonable price.

For just Rs 1, Foodiplace -- Nepal's first table ordering system -- simplifies the food ordering process, manages orders and inventory, provides customers with status information, and facilitates billing services. Foodiplaces table ordering system, by simplifying the operational tasks of restaurants, also promotes a safer dining environment through contact-less food ordering services.

Easy Table Ordering and Dining for Customers

The process of table ordering is simple. It gives the customers the independence to place orders themselves by scanning a unique QR code of the restaurant. It allows customers to save time, eliminating the need for the service staff to take orders. An additional benefit for the customers is that a table ordering system, like Foodiplace, provides step-by-step tracking of their order. This allows the customer to get an idea of the status of their food, and if needed cancel, or make changes in the order.

With a table ordering system, restaurants can create a favorable dining experience for customers. The app caters to customers looking for a complete dine-in experience, receiving prompt takeaway service.