How can Digital Dining Help Prevent the Third Wave?

28 Jun, 2021
How can Digital Dining Help Prevent the Third Wave?

The COVID-19 pandemic has flipped our world upside down. Simple pleasures such as dining outside, meeting friends, going to the gym are banned altogether. The lockdown is slowly coming to an end. We can use a few precautions to prevent the spreading of the virus and enjoy it fully. 

Online food Delivery has seen rapid growth among restaurants. During the pandemic, staff and customer safety has become the top-most priority. Rather than closing their doors as the pandemic is still critical, restaurants have been seeking for new ways to reduce risk and lower labor costs. In response, Foodiplace has developed a solution that includes QR Menu for both dine-in and takeaways, digital table ordering, and contactless dining. Additionally, digital payment integration gives the customers an advanced dine-in experience. 

Foodiplace serves restaurants and consumers with a fully customizable menu. This QR menu minimizes contact with physical menus and gives a different and better option for placing an order. 

  • Digital Payment

Most restaurants are going digital. Even before this pandemic lots of restaurants had QR scan systems and digital payments. Taking orders and processing payments tableside cuts down on the need for paper and pens, and the customers are less contaminated with germs. Digital payments are the best option to avoid germs through cash. It is a must to go contactless to adjust to a new environment.  Digital payments are convenient, safe, and hassle-free. It is transparent as it gives you all the statements of your transactions.

  • Online Delivery

Delivery-based applications have only aided broker companies in mobilizing higher-order, especially during the health pandemic. In a decent effort to keep the restaurant business afloat, Foodiplace has introduced a 0 commission delivery scheme.

Due to the Pandemic, the government has only allowed takeaways. Online food Delivery has seen rapid growth among restaurants. Foodiplace allows you to utilize your staff for delivering whereas we promote your restaurants. Our delivery system not only helps make the restaurants self-dependent but also assists in the complete and reliable digitization of their entire operating system. Below are five key points that Foodiplace emphasizes with the new QR menu-based delivery system.

  • QR Menu (for dine-in and takeaway)

QR menus are faster and more reliable than the conventional paper-based menu especially at a time of the ongoing health crisis. Likewise, Foodiplace's QR menu helps restaurants function even during lockdown abiding by the health and safety protocols. No physical contact with ground staff means a significant reduction in the possibility of contaminated food. Replacing a physical menu with a digital QR menu allows restaurants to customize the menu at no cost. You can highlight your specials to help them stand out from the rest and add lots of pictures to make your menu attractive. There is always a chance that a chef introduces you to a new variety of dishes which costs a lot while reprinting new physical menus.  Foodiplace lets you change prices, add new dishes and add pictures for every item.



  • Contactless dining 

The pandemic has concerned everyone worldwide, dining in a restaurant has been a debate in lots of people's minds. considering these doubts foodiplace has come up with a solution,  contactless dining where we provide customizable QR menus and table ordering.

the customer can scan the QR code and order through the app, add any details they want in their dish. using QR codes there is less risk of contamination through menus or waiters. It gives the customers a new and better experience. Foodiplace is a platform where the health of customers and the staff are a priority.

The lockdowns are coming to an end, but the threat of covid is still present. Restaurants are also a hangout place for many. With fewer customers eating indoors, more restaurants are looking to digital to sustain and grow their businesses. Foodiplace is helping restaurant owners to have flexible sales even in this crisis. We promote customizable Qr menus, digital table ordering, contactless dining, and deliveries. 

 To prevent Covid,  going digital is one of the best options to encourage customers to dine in or takeaway and experience a new and safer dine-in experience. Foodiplace facilitates customers to scan QR codes in restaurants and order through fully customizable QR menus. Using the QR menu minimizes contact with reusable menus and can reduce interactions with servers.