Foodiplace QR Menu with 0 Commission

15 Jun, 2021
Foodiplace QR Menu with 0 Commission

In today's digitally driven world, the internet has dramatically changed the face of the retail market by giving customers different features such as reviewing the products compared, making buying decisions easy for the customers. Similarly, the online food industry has seen rapid growth among restaurants. These services grew in popularity due to their offers raging from doorstep delivery to cashless payments. Now a single tap on their phone can help the consumers to order their favorite food from their favorite restaurants. Nepal is also embracing the concept of Digital Food Delivering and dining.

Food delivery services are the idea in which you call in or order food from a restaurant. The restaurants prepare your order and deliver it to your given address. Nonetheless, the ongoing trend suggests that the establishments are losing revenue from sales when they opt for delivery services via logistics partners or apps. Though the contemporary concept of home delivery presents a facade suggesting growth in consumer interaction, and a support system for the entire FnB industry, the reality is otherwise.

Delivery-based applications have only aided broker companies in mobilizing higher-order, especially during the health pandemic. In a decent effort to keep the restaurant business afloat, Foodiplace has introduced a 0 commission delivery scheme. Our delivery system not only helps make the restaurants self-dependent but also assists in the complete and reliable digitization of their entire operating system. Below are five key points that Foodiplace emphasizes with the new QR menu-based delivery system.

  • Independent Operations

Foodiplace is a digital ordering platform, where the owners will have their system as well as have full control over the prices of all the food or drinks items, inventory, offers, and discounts. Furthermore, We help the restaurant to operate independently and do not have to pay additional commissions for delivery or any food ordering apps. As an owner, you get acquainted with the reviews of the customers and get to compare the sales and profits daily.

  • Faster Delivery / Mobilization of Service Staff

Foodiplace delivery system gives a different tactic to the staff members. Unlike many delivery apps that take a certain percentage to deliver, our system mobilizes the wait staff members to deliver the orders. It helps restaurants take control of the menu, delivery time and avoid excess commissions. At the same time, Foodiplace also secures employment of the wait staff by mobilizing them for delivery.

It is very profitable and time managed because you can directly go and deliver the orders without making the customers wait. You do not have to wait for any delivery partners. Instead, you can appoint your staff which is very convenient and time friendly.

  • Order Tracking

The order tracking facility notifies the store representatives and product buyers about the current status of the order. In this way, the tracking process keeps everyone on the same table and removes the occurrence of chaos between the buyer and seller.

Our platform allows restaurant operators to track the order from within the system. Restaurant operators can confirm the order status and keep the floor and kitchen staff in sync. Order tracking provides accurate information, keeps track of multiple delivery status, simplifies purchase order reporting, confirms purchase orders are received, and keeps you updated with your current order status.

  • Fully Customizable QR Menu

Wouldnt it be awesome if there was a way to easily share a digital version of your restaurant menu and order through it? With the Foodiplace QR menu for the restaurant menu, you now have the opportunity to present your customers with a digital version of your menu, make orders and accept delivery through the same system. 

Due to this pandemic contactless menu has been a must. It is a safer and easier way to avoid touching menus. Foodiplace assists the Restaurants to customize their digital menu by making necessary changes in their system interface. Our system lets you efficiently add items, change menu prices, or manage food inventory.

  • Stay Connected with Customers

To run a viable restaurant business in the current condition, you should embrace online food ordering. By offering consumers online ordering options, not only do you introduce convenience, but it also results in revenue growth and increases order accuracy, among many other advantages. Our smart QR menu is social media integrated. Our QR menu allows you to maintain an ongoing relationship with your customers through your social platforms through your QR menu app.