All about Foodiplace

21 Jul, 2021
All about Foodiplace

Maximum restaurants all over the world are going digital. Going digital brings massive opportunities to boost your offers and allows you to brand your restaurant efficiently. Digital orders mean higher average order value, reduced human error, Hassle-free experience, and increased customer satisfaction.

 Due to the ongoing pandemic, the customers are taking heed about going out to eat outside. The safety of the customers and staff members is a priority for all restaurants. , thus Foodiplace helps to take your restaurant to the next level

Foodiplace assists the Restaurants to customize their digital menu by making necessary changes in their system interface. Our system lets you efficiently add items, change menu prices, or manage food inventory. Our QR menu allows you to maintain an ongoing relationship with your customers through your social platforms through your QR menu app and will help you to automatically track the best-selling dishes of your restaurant. We offer a very attractive & easy to navigate customer interface. Your entire Menu can be digitized and customized as per your requirement. You get the control to update the menu, pricing, descriptions. Our platform supports a full image menu.

If your restaurant wants to go digital and ensure the safety of your customers and staff members, you can easily get started with Foodiplace through these simple steps

Once you fill-up the Demo Request form on this website, We will get in touch with you within 24 hours. We promise to get you onboarded within 3 days.

With the Foodiplace QR menu for the restaurant menu, you now have the opportunity to present your customers with a digital version of your menu, make orders and accept delivery through the same system. We offer multiple services like Dine-in, Pickups & Delivery. For Dine-in, customers can simply scan a QR code available at the table which will show the entire menu on their smartphones. The QR is to be scanned with the phone camera, no additional application is required. For delivery or pickups, a unique URL is created that can be used to market to your customers via your channels. We recommend you tag the ordering URL on your social channels, websites and aggressively market it using your CRM.

Every food business knows that data is its most important asset. Foodiplace helps to know your customers as individuals, presents your offering, and optimizes for growth.

The owner of the restaurant will get access to their customer's data along with insights like purchase behavior etc on the Foodiplace dashboard.

Foodiplace also has a delivery feature where you can order food from your favorite restaurant digitally from our app and The restaurants prepare your order and deliver it to your given address. We have integrations with leading delivery service providers and Riders are directly assigned to each of your orders on your order dashboard. You can use your delivery fleet and configure the delivery charges based on the delivery distance.

Foodiplace gives you the best deals, We have a bare minimum service fee which is charged per transaction. If there is no order we don't charge you a single penny. We offer a state-of-art Real-time dashboard that helps you to get your business summary at glance. Also, you will get access to reports like Daily transactions, settlements, feedback's, etc. You get a detailed analysis of the New & repeat user's purchase behavior, top-selling items, Revenue, etc.

If your restaurants have franchises or chains Foodiplace is the perfect solution to manage your restaurants. You get access to all your customer's data, their feedback, or if you plan on adding a few new dishes it is only a matter of seconds. If you wish to change any items you can simply change them through our website. We give your customers a world-class digital ordering experience which we ensure they'll love to use. We assist you to build a customer loyalty program that rewards customers with attractive discount offers, the festival offers family pack offers, and many more. Your customers will keep coming back and this will help you to build a healthy and long-lasting connection with your customers.